RACE1000-FA76M (Universal Hot Rod Radiator)

RACE1000-FA76M (Universal Hot Rod Radiator)
Product Code: RACE1000-FA76M
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Core size: 532mm H x 475mm W x 76mm T (Pipe size 40mm)
(core size is tube and fin area only, not tanks or plate under tank)

FENIX Product ID: RACE1000-FA76M

In-house CAD developed

Engines: Universal Large - Suit Hot Rods and similar 

Transmission Type: Manual 

Notes: Extra Heavy Duty 76mm core - 40mOD inlets / oulets 

FENIX Universal radiators are designed and manufactured to meet the demands for universal sized radiators to suit older or out of production cars, down to scratch build one offs needing a simple radiator that can easily be fitted. We find the weak points in radiators and fix them. For any queries please call 0800 757 333 during business hours or email fenixsales@hotmail.co.nz

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