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Fenix sponsors drivers in all walks of motorsport that will push the limits of all our products.

One of our leading sponsored drivers is four time D1NZ Drift Champion winner, Gaz Whiter:

Gaz's weapon of choice is the popular drift machine, a Nissan Silvia S14. Yet this particular S14 has been retrofitted with an engine to get excited about. You will find theres no 4 or 6 cylinders insight or turbochargers for that mater, instead he has gone for the full fat 7.0 Litre V8 LS7 motor, further enhanced while staying naturally aspriated:


No doubt such an engine driven on the limiter needs a serious radiator to kept it running cool. Our team here at Fenix has supplied Gaz with one of our top end Race Series radiators that has seen his car perform at it's best even in the most demanding conditions.


C's Garage

Adam's 400kw SR22VET S14

Joel's SR20DET 290kw S13 


Darren Kelly

RB30 Powered R34

Team Jenkins Silvias

Troys 400kw RB30 S15

Bens 290kw SR20DET S13

Joe Kukutai's RB30 R32

Olivecorna Drift Motorsport

Jarons RB26 S14

Ward17 Motorsport

Renes 13b RX87


ATJ Drift

Tom and Joe Marshal's RB25 powered S-Chassis

Kyle Jackways Drift

Kyle's RB26 Powered 180sx

Shayne Giles Drift

Shaynes RB26 S14


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