About Us

FENIX is an established company which has a rich knowledge of radiators and cooling system products. We stock most models of car radiators including Australian, Japanese, European, Korean and American radiators. FENIX aims to be different from other cooling system distributors as we hold quality, service and price as our 3 most important values, with quality as the first value. FENIX has been providing the world with top quality radiators and cooling systems for many years. 
We are especially well known for supplying some of the best Holden and Ford radiators on the market.
At FENIX we aim to offer radiators with similar or better cooling qualities in comparison to OEM replacements. All of the materials in our radiators come from the best sources, for example the rubber in the o-rings come from places such as Europe, Thailand and China. These countries are renowned for manufacturing some of the best rubber. In addition to standard fit radiators we alsooffer a wide range of full alloy race radiators designed to cool up to 65% better than an OEM standard radiator. These race radiators are manufactured with much thicker cores for better flow and cooling as well as having alloy tanks for premium strength and polished for aesthetics. For more information please see near back of the catalogue for these listings.
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